Monday, 1 November 2010

T.I.E. Fighter - assembly

Zipped along a pace since my last posting.
Pic 1 shows you just how little there is to show of the interior once everythings together. Don't feel too bad about missing off those cockpit decals now.
Pic 2 is it all masked up for priming. It comes with neat little stickers to peel off and place over all the window areas but you have to cut each one out of the sheet and they're TINY. So have gone here with putting a layer of masking tape over the whole area, then trimming the areas with a brand new scapel balde. Hopefully that'll work.
Pic 3 is it in grey primer. I was going to go with that for the basecoat but the details so fine its crying out for a lighter shade to bring it all out.

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