Friday, 5 November 2010

Image Animation's Joker

Thought i'd dust something else off to show you and this one has a bit of an interesting history.
Back in the mid 80's there used to be a fantasy bookshop down at the bottom of Charing Cross Road, right by Leicester Square.
Used to buy all my comics up at FP and my books in this shop, and they always used to have knick-knacks on the shelf behind the till.
Go in there one time and there's this fella sat there grinning at me.
Really taken with it, so ask the chap about it.
Seems some of the guys at the Image Animation studios used to sculpt stuff in their dinner breaks and flog them via that shop.
Now, this was about 1987 and i knew the company from their work on "Hellraiser" and "Lair Of The White Worm" by that time. Couple that with me being a Bat-fan and i had to have it.
Looking at it now, i still love the realistic skin tones (not at all apparent in the pics) and the dead fish eyes.
After all this time though, the main thing is whoever made and painted it prempted by quite a few years the Joker's re-invention in "The Killing Zoke" and, especially, "Arkham Asylum".
Top work, whoever you were.

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