Sunday, 28 November 2010

BBC VFX book

REALLY enjoying this mighty tome. Just got past the really rather comprehensive history of the Beeb's Effects unit and the broad overview of just what effect entails what (could be a tad dull for anyone who already knows, but Mat Irvine has an alaways engaging style that always makes him readable) and am just starting on the shows listed alphabetically.
It going to have to be a given that, to jam in that many shows with almost equal coverage, some shows will suffer at the expense of others - would rather have more Who and Blakes 7 than Are You Being Served and Tomorrows World.
But that's a small, fan niggle - its set out to be a history of what the Effects Dept did in their time and it looks to have done that admirably, with tons of rare and never before stills to boot.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Not got this one yet, but my mate said he wished there was more Blake's 7 and stuff, less Rentaghost and the like !! Still I want to get this for Mrs Slocombe's pussy !!