Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A new ship

Deliberately kept back the start of this project - as things looked decidedly dodgy for a while there...
I'd used up this here deodorant spray and thought the slanted top would make for a nice front to a regular rocket shape ship.
Fool that i was.
It wasn't until i added plasticard around parts of it and, especially, the ribbed card around the base that it dawned on me that i was making something that looked an awful lot like *ahem* an "adult toy"...
To take the curse off of it i decided to change tack and have loads more on there to break up the shape as much as i could, making it into a Foss-style ship in an unfeasable design and paintjob. Hopefully then folk won't ask what sort of "thrust factor" it might have.
First up was to add loads of red Go-Fasta stripes for panelling.
I'd decided to have a couple of weapon pods either side - a la 1999's Hawk - using those nifty pieces Andrew gave me as the centre piece of them. To attach them to the main body you can see i've put on half of the feet from the R2D2 kit either side.
And the other thing i've put on are these "wings" up top, which are actually a couple of stands from a telephone that was being chucked out.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

A new ship, are you Sure ?! :)

Mangamax said...

Oh yes, and expecting a stinky response 8)