Monday, 25 October 2010

Thanks Andrew

Topbloke Andrew Glazebrook has come to my aid again: Not only supplying an undamaged X Wing part for my Hairdryer Ship, along with one of the weapon prongs from the same kit (bottom left) but also a stack of really neat shapes seen here.
Am particually taken with the large shape on thew right, along with the two smaller pieces below it.
Was initially thinking of going with a docking port sort of an affair just on a slab of hull to make for soething different.
But now thinking, if i can find something suitable to attach to the rear of the large bit, i've got the hull of a ship and the two lower pieces can be the very front of two nacelle's slung low, a bit like how the Vulcan Shuttle has things.

1 comment:

Andrew Glazebrook said...

That big part was from the lid of a Lego Bionicle !!!