Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Lost Continent vs Jaws

Almost through my "Hammer Films The Unsung Heroes" book, which is a great work by Wayne Kingsley, but its SO indepth that at times its a bit of a plod. Especially when you're at the anecdotes from the tea ladies.
Just part that i sat up and took real notice when Wayne started on Robert Mattey.
Must confess that i'd never heard of this model maker before.
Sure know his work though - and am stunned that he connects them.
Not only is he the guy responsable for the bizarro creatures making "The Lost Continent" one of my favourite Hammer films, he made the giant squid for Disney's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea" and was part of the team who made Bruce for "Jaws".
Why the heck have i never seen articles on this guy?

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The Bronze said...

Never heard of Bob Mattey!!
If you were a BIG Jaws fan you would know.
Should be something on him in Cinefantastique vol 14 no.3.