Thursday, 4 November 2010

Blake's 7 Ore Ship - looking at the engine

Thanks to Andrew, i can add the two X Wing parts that make up the bulk of this area. I know the dome shapes are EMA, but can't justify and order just for those - the P&P would be outrageous compared to the cost of the two pieces.
So, going to find a substitute. Not too bothered about that as (A) i've no idea what those spindly shapes are either side (looks like sprue of some part of an undercarriage to me) so have added my own, (B) because i'm not using the right ladder & cage, the dimensions are all wrong - the engine bell will be far nearer to the end of the fuel tanks than on the original.
Another change will to be to add more detail.
Mat made the craft for 1.5 seconds of screen time and, of course, it wouldn't be bearing any scrutiny.
So the whole engine assembly is just what you see in the top pic. But mine will be be studied next year when i put the ship in a model show, so figure i've got to bulk up the underside of these pieces.
Also, i'm adding detail into the front of the cage area, as the blank sides of the pieces i've stuck on the bottom are far too visible.

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