Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Aliens Gateway Station Shuttle for sale.

Long term readers of this here Blog may remember this project i undertook waytime back.
Had it in mind to build something a bit different from the Alien/Aliens universe.
Which this craft certainly is, being only very briefly glimpsed in the establishing shot of Gateway Station at the start of Aliens.
Despite it being hardly seen and hardly known, there's quite an interest in it, not least over on the RPF Forum:

Anyway, i haven't had a go at it for along while, being busy on so many other projects to track down the rest of the parts i need.
Feel guilty about it just laying there in its box though so thought i'd pass it on to someone who'd like to take a crack at it, and its now up for sale on eBay - just type in "Aliens Gateway Station Shuttle" and you'll find it.

As i say in the description there, a lot of the ammassing is done already, consisting:

the main hull made from the Tamyia Porsche kit,
the green Macross hull for the bit that joins to it,
the 1/24th Huey Helicopter for the rear section and parts for the front mandibles,
the Yamaha RZV500R bike kit for the guns and some other sections,
loads of Macross Regult parts for various sections,
a Tornado tail for the, er, tail,
and a helicopter tail to be lain down horizontally beside the Tornado tail.

Fancy a go?

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