Wednesday, 6 October 2010

B7 Hairdryer Ship - EMA parts on.

Well that was hit and miss.
A lot of the detailing on this craft is with items from the EMA catalogue (Matt says they had boxes of all sorts from them in the late 70's and just had a rummage for anything that looked right).
Some parts i had names and part numbers for and some i just had to eyeball, guessing what size to use by looking at what i had in front of me and judging where things might reach too.
Most successful of the eyeballing was this middle prong thing. I knew it was made from two Concentric Reducers with two Hemispheres glued together to form a ball between them. To try and get the right size of the parts, i roughly drew out the shape on card, changing it until i had the right size in relation to where it sits between the hairdryer handles. Then measured them and looked for roughly that size in the catalogue. Pretty pleased to see i've got it about right.
On this rear shot you can see i've got the odd end shapes each side of the tube. Exterminator over on the Eagle Forum very kindly pointed out what they were - hinges - and here they are with the Saturn V engine bell half inside it.
Less successful was the ladder affair here at the rear. It'd been suggested that it wss EMA, and maybe it is, but not this size. Far too small.
Ditto the next pic. The middle prong ends with a cap affair and i'd been told that they were also up top to make the dome shapes either side of the R2D2 leg piece. Nope, far too tall. So i'm not using them.
Ditto the green things at the side here. They're meant to go on the front but are far, far too small. Which is a bugger as i ordered them from the States especially. can't be bothered to order more so am going to look around for felt tip pen caps for soemthing similar.

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