Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Blake's 7 Ore Ship

Came across this on the Web and really like the skeletal apperance of it, so thought i'd have a go (btw, its the ship that crashes into the Nova Queen at the start of the "Star One" episode).
The Eagletransporter Forum is an excellent resource tool and i turned to them for the parts i'd need.
I'd already spotted the two Airfix Space Shuttle external fuel tanks missing a section each for the main bulk, and a few Star Wars parts but the rest was a mystery.
It quickly came back that the framework was a "ladder with cage" from EMA.
So, got the Space Shuttle kits quite quickly as i also needed bits from it for my Hairdryer Ship. And got the ladder when putting in an EMA order.
Yet again i had to eyeball it and decided to go with the 1/20th version as its the biggest they do.
Trouble is, if you comapare the two photos, they're not the same scale. Looks to be that, back in the 70's, EMA produced an even bigger scale.
But not now.
Oh well. Its the biggest they do so i'm going ahead with it - and have it more as an "inspired by" rather than a faithful reproduction.

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