Wednesday, 6 October 2010

E-11 Blaster

So, my son's stiil deeply into Star wars, his birthadys coming up, i'm in Toys R' Us looking for presents, still in Blaster mode after starting my Victorain one, and come across the Hasbro toy version going for half price.
Always loved the design and know the costumers often use this very thing adapted with a resin conversion kit to make it more accurate.
So thought i'd have a go.
Buy the toy, order a the conversion set, and have it withina few days. Which is what you see in Pic 1.
At Pic 2 i've filled the screw holes in with P38 and sawn the orange tip off. I was careful here as i wanted to keep the red LED working (incidently, the sound effects in it are great - but far too tinny. Did think about cracking it open and replacing the speaker, but that'd be far, far too time consuming).
Pic 3 is the new end of the barell fitted, which fits nicely over the LED. And at the other end we've got a couple of detail pieces.
Pic 4 shows the magazine and other gubbins attached. There are far, far more accurate versions out there, as well as a proper scope, but, really, they're for if you're going for a 100% version.
Which this isn't.

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