Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Your favourite Star Wars moment?

Okay, been a while since i've done a poll - so here's another.
What's your best ever moment from Star Wars?
By that, i mean a snapshot scene, no more than 30 seconds long, that sums up to you what Star Wars is all about.
I've listed what comes to my mind - apologies if yours isn't in there - and stuck to the original trilogy for simplicities sake.
So, what you having?

Best Star Wars moment?
"Weeeeeooooo" - the Blockade Runner flies overhead, pursued by the Star Destroyer - " New Hope"
"Stand by Ion Control. Fire" - Echo Base clears the way for the Rebel fleet to leave Hoth - "Empire"
"Chewie, get us out of here!" The Falcon blasts out of Mos Eisley - " New Hope"
"No, I am your father" - Vader fills Luke in - "Empire"
"Copy Gold Leader, i'm already on my way out" Wedge starts the ball rolling - " Jedi"
"Ok, punch it" - The Falcon leaves the Death Star - "New Hope"
"Pooof... Fsssh" - R2 launches Luke's Lightsaber to him" - "Jedi"
"You're all clear kid" - Luke has the money shot - "New Hope"
"Sit down sweetheart, we're leavin'" Han clocks just where they are - "Empire"
"Its a trap!" - Ackbar rumbles the plan - "Jedi"
"N'yaahhhhhh!" - The Emperor plunges to his doom - "Jedi"
"Stop that ship!" - Han has it out with the Sandtroopers - "New Hope"
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