Saturday, 5 September 2009

WF Ma.K Walker

HUGE amount of progress on this - sorry for no updates.
Went together really well, helped by the resin being very easy to cut, sand and drill.
You can see i've added a few kit bits here and there to break up the plain surfaces a tad, but not too much as i figure the camo will do that by itself.
Bit more work i had to do was replace the sensor dish on the front which i lost somewhere in the cleaning stage - but i replaced it with the green disc you can see here (from a Macross kit) and some spare bits for the probes.
I've also added extra detail on the side of the head for more sensor things. The complicated, tiny shape is from a Huey kits and the orange disc a piece of Lego.
At a friends suggestion, i added some vertical aerials.
Colour-wise, i'm going with what i did with my Himmelspion:
Tamiya JA Grey,
pattern in GW Catachan and, still to come, Gretchin Green.

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