Wednesday, 16 September 2009


The latest issue of Richards cracking fanzine is out now and heartly recommended. Behind the stunning Hawk cover (guessing they're the Airfix version) is some mighty fine stuff.
Highlight for me is the article on Anderson props, models and sets turning up elsewhere.
Its pretty well known that some of the SHADO HQ computers are in Who's "Green Death" but Sid James wearing a Shado spacesuit????????
Strangest thing of all though is to read the letters page, specifically from someone saying how they'd audio taped Space 1999 episodes and played them back endlessly while building model kits till they were word perfect. Then years later, when watching them on DVD, was appalled by how bad the episode was when actually watching it.
"That's odd", thinks i, "i used to do the same thing, and think the same too" Then i get to the end of the letter.
And i wrote it. But don't remember at all.
Getting old...

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Blitzspear said...

Thats the funniest thing i've heard all week! thanks for that Mangamax.