Friday, 25 September 2009

American Werewolf In London

My good friend Ian has finaly started a Blog and its a nice entertaining ramble of his about the films he's watched just lately:

He's posted his thoughts on - and lent me - the Blu Ray release of AWIL. Now, i'm a HUGE fan of the film - its one of those rare films (like Carpenters Thing) that just doesn't date. A massive part of that, of course, is that the effects were actual props, working on set in real time, so haven't dated. Part is the knowing, sly humour (again, The Thing), that is still prevelant in the best films today. And, maybe most importantly, the characters are so well fleshed out and acted.
And, for me, it was released only a year after becoming a Projectionist so, with this film, along with so many others released at that time, i thought i'd landed the best job in the world.
To make it relevant to my Blog, here's a coupla shots of my busts i've dusted off to show you.