Monday, 14 September 2009

Organic Tank

Shouldn't really be starting on another project - but was in Tescos and came across this pack of 4 lady razors with luvverly ribbed detail.
So figured they'd make nice, unusual legs for a walking tank. Mebbe an organic looking one rather than the Ma.K style i've been doing lately?
But what to use for the hull?
A trip round Wilkensons got me this funky childrens drink bottle.
So, gonna combine them together and have it, not as a Giger-style organic design, more a Chris Foss outlandish one.


Blitzspear said...

Oh i like the look of that bottle, even the colour is Chris Foss-ish


Andrew Glazebrook said...

You should have used a ladies sex toy for the middle bit and called it an orgasmic tank ! :)

Anonymous said...

Buy another four pack of razors and make it a spider tank!