Friday, 18 September 2009

Aliens Dropship and APC

Thanks to Phil over on the Eagle Forum, i'm building these kits again for the first time since 1987 (22 YEARS AGO!).
The one's i did back then are long gone, victims of multiple house moves.
Even if they'd survived though i wouldn't be too keen on them now - back then i built straight out of the box, literally, meaning if there were bad part fits or gaps i just left them as, hey!, i'm building it out of the box right?
It was part laziness and part wanting to get onto the next project as, back then, i had a very lucrative deal with my local modelshop of making a kit for their window display and, in return, i'd get that kit free or another kit to the same value.
Neat eh?
Anyway, i'm going into these two projects with their respective faults in mind this time.
Expect an update quite soon as, inside the Dropship box, Phil has packed both kits and it looks like he'd started some of the basic shell assemblies on each.

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