Thursday, 10 September 2009

Der Schnecke - Alternative Armour challenge

Over on the SFMUK site - - there's the start of an alternative armour group build.
Basically, do anything you like to an armoured subject, as long as its an original design.
So i'm going with this old Zoids toy.
Waaaaay back in about 83 or 84 i'd repainted it as you see here, basically i was trying to make it look like it'd fit into the Star Wars universe as i had a whole bunch of Stormtrooper metal minatures and had it in mind to build a checkpoint and have them stopping this beastie.
Never did it though and its been in a box ever since.
Ressurected it now though and decided it'll be a 1/72nd scale German tank from and alternate WW2 where the German boffins didn't devote time and thought to devoloping jets technology to get the upper hand in the air, but instead to build bigger and more advanced tanks to repell the invasion of France by the allies.
First thing to do is lose the "cockpit" as its far too small - and i want to do something more than before of just painting the darn thing.
So here's the new cockpit - upper body armour off of and old Lex Luthor action figure that i'd kept 'cause the shape was so nice.

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