Saturday, 19 September 2009

APC - what a pig.

Like i say, it's been 22 years since i made this kit and i remember back then thinking there was quite a few gaps in it.and, of course, then, the Internets come along and it always been slated for that reason. But i'm stunned that i don't recall the sheer amount of parts that don't fit well, the errors in part numbering in the instructions, and wrongly numbered parts too.
Here you can see the bad gaps that are there, along with this massive gap at the rear - which is covered by a part that doesn't fit. At all.


Anonymous said...

I remember getting this when I was thirteen or fourteen. It was a freakin' nightmare. I was so disappointed... someone should do an update. Maybe a Japanese company, the guys that make the Armored Core mechs make superb kits.

ZERO-G said...

That kit is a"DOG", it takes lots of detailing to make it look good!