Friday, 24 April 2009

U.S.S. Glazebrook - basecoated

Here she is with the primer on. I was going to put a grey auto spray on top as i've decided on an Alien style grim and realistic finish. But i've used "Halfords Grey Plastic Primer", which is a bit lighter and more of a satin finish than the bog-standard primers, and i'm happy with how it looks.
Next step, a couple of horizontal bands of colour to break up the grey a bit, and these'll be in reddy brown as a nod to the the other colour option i was considering - the Scorpio from Blakes 7.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Looking good mate !! I'd be tempted to put some antenna on the front like those on Nostromo or the type of probes that Sulaco has !! Also I had planned to put some kind of outrigger type engines jutting out from the engine section, kind of an industrial version of an engine nacelle from Star Trek but with intakes !!

Mangamax said...

Funny you should say that Andrew, been eyeing up the refueling pole from the Airfix 1/24th Harrier, thinking of bunging it on.
Will do now, along with a few bits to busy up the Cabletie area.
Dunno about the engine idea though - like the pyramid structure to it as it is.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

There's always landing legs, some chunky Nostromo types !! :)