Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Klingon Bird Of Prey - a muddy mess

Top pic is the craft basecaoted. This took longer than usual as the piant i used is from the Montana range and called "Peperroni Mild". These are excellent paints available from art shops and guess used by "urban artists" and such like. They're a real quality product with the advantages being a huge range of interesting shades, drying time is very fast and they go on very well. Disadvantge is they STINK, and leave a powdery residue that has to be wiped off after drying. The to be on the safe side, sealing in with varnish.
Anyway, here it is top pic with a few panels picked out in other shades. I was going to go overboard on this, trying to emulate the studio model in the 2nd pic (but ignoring the turquoise) but have chickened out as the one's i've put on seem rather jarring.
Not so jarring 3rd pic where i've put a dark green/dark grey/dark brown wash on and wiped off. Trouble with this method is that it tones everything together but blends everything TOO much, resulting in a mucky, messy paintjob.
Pic 4 is the first stage to resolve that. You can see i've gone around every panel on the beak with a 2B pencil to define the panels and make them stand out more.

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