Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Thing From Another World

REAL blast from the past here - just uncovered it from an old box.
I love the short story "Who Goes There?" that was the inspiration for the "The Thing From Another World" in the 50's (albiet very loosely) and "The Thing" in the 80's (more faithful, and most of the characters names used) and, ages ago, thought i'd have a go at making my version based on the description - and what a description!:

"The room stiffened abruptly. It was face up there on the plain, greasy planks of the table. The broken half of the bronze ice-ax was still buried in the queer skull. Three mad, hate-filled eyes blazed up with a living fire, bright as fresh-spilled blood. from a face ringed with a writhing, loathsome nest of worms, blue, mobile worms that crawled where hair should grow"

Pretty crap at sculpting and what you can see here is a combination of having various goes at it then giving up in depression. Materials varied with each abortive attempt, mainly Das Pronto, Green Stuff and Milliput.
Decided to finsih it though and paint it.

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