Saturday, 4 April 2009

Klingon Bird Of Prey

REALLY not looking forward to the new movie. Everything about it screams "Thunderbirds Film" to me. Loved the original series when it was on in 60's and 70's. It was telly SF with tons of action and decent effects. Then Next Generation came out and the hype and the fan following and the merchandise and the rivet spotting and all the other crap put me right off - something that's lasted right up till now.
Sci-Fi Channel screens the original series 7.00 in the morning when i'm having breakfast. then someone over on the SFM:UK site posts pics of their 1/2500 ships they'd made.
All of which got me thinking Trek for the first time since about 1988.
Held off on getting the original series on DVD as there's a Blu Ray release soon. But HMV have Star Trek 3 for a tenner. Its my favourite of the films so what the heck? Its No1 for me partly because of Christopher Llyods brillaint portrayl of Kruge, but mainly the effects, especially the Klingon Bird Of Prey.
Like the original and first movie version Enterprise, and the Excelsior but i find pristine white and grey spaceships kinda dull to paint. With the BOP though i could really go to town making it down and dirty and grungy and have a whole lot of fun with it.
So, here we go. Courtesy of eBay for an excellent 4.50 for a mint sealed version. Its got the strange "in flight" display option, which i might use if its not too naff.

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