Saturday, 4 April 2009

Klingon Bird Of Prey - bugger

So here's how i got in about half an hour. Part fits very good and was going together like a dream. Details a bit soft, but there's lots of it.
Just moved onto the next stage of assembling the hull, cutting off parts from the sprue when i notice there's two more of those ribbed "shoulder" things that give the ship its distinctive humpback shape. "Where'd they go?" I think. Check the instructions and there's no sign of them anywhere. That's when it dawns on me - there's two options using two different sized "shoulders", one for the wings up and one for wings down BUT THE INTSTRUCTIONS DON'T TELL YOU THERE'S OPTIONAL PARTS. And i'd inadvertantly used the option i didn't want - wings up.
Hurriedly pulled the "shoulders" off the wings, which was possible as the glue hadn't quite set. Should be ok to put the right ones on, although some of the locating pins have snapped off in their holes.

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