Monday, 8 September 2008

Spoon build

Moving on from the MAK pingpong build challenge, there's now a spoon themed one. Same as before - build something of a MAK nature, unmanned, using spoons. Difference here being its not an hour timeframe but until the end of the year.

Had a good look round and was going to go with about 8 plastic tea spoons and use them as legs of a walking device.

Nixed that when i found these large ones.

Pic 1 has my initial sketch. The idea is that its a high altitude spying device with loads of cameras slung underneath.

There were two ways i could for the body: either a blobby rounded shape that'd be in keeping with the curves of the spoons, or a clunky, busy mass of machinery.

Went with the latter as finding a shape for the blobby was proving difficult.

Pic 2 is the upper hull - a yogurt pot.

Pic 3 is the top of it. Reckoned this area would be a docking device for attaching to a mothership but this propeller fits so well into the recess that i'm going to cut it out and have it as an air intake.

Pic 4 is the spoons with their engines fitted - Saturn V biggest bells.

They're going to attach to a waist section that i'm building right now. Under that will be Pic 5, a plastic tumbler that'll be the camera section. There's going to be a big lens on the underside then i'm going to busy it up with all sorts of spy devices hanging down from the waist.

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