Friday, 5 September 2008

Fireball - assembled

Quite a productive evening last night.
First pic is the fella mostly assembled, puttied and sanded. My usual plan of leaving the arms, legs and head off for ease of painting and doing them in sub-assemblies couldn't happen here. The legs have to be attached before glueing the torso together and the left arm has to be attached to allow for the spring thingy to join onto the body.
Second pic is a good illustration of the care and excellence of these kits. The left arm sring is actually flanged at one end, and that fits perfectly into the plate that then goes onto the body. You can also see the two wires at the elbow joint that are put in there purely to add to the detail. Lovely work.
Third pic shows the care again that's gone into it - this is a very detailed recess in the torso and its down to the builder whether to have the hatch open or closed. Ditto the very detailed cockpit and pilot. Chose to close both.

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