Friday, 12 September 2008

MAK Technician

Again, blown away by the castings of this range. So crisp and detailed its untrue. Here you see the parts, which have no seamlines at all - just a couple of pouring lugs.

At top there you see the sheet that comes with it for crates and papers. Nice touch.

The part fit is also stunning. Was worried by potential gaps when fitting the chest into the t-shirt, but it was perfect.

Thought i was going to have a problem when glueing that part in, as i used "Zap-A-Gap" superglue, which is kinda runny and i guess i used too much - and it started seeping round the edges, filling up her shoulder blade area and cleavage.

Managed to get it out by soaking up the excess with the end of some cocktail sticks.

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