Saturday, 6 September 2008

Fireball - decal dilemma

This project has gone together so well, i really didn't expect a glitch in the works at this late stage.

But, top pic shows what happened when i started decalling. The small one's are fine but these two larger one's crinkled like mad. Can't understand it - used decal aids to help them, they're not that big and the surfaces aren't that curved. Maybe its the age of them?

Anyway, got around the problem with the "3" by using a brand new scalpel blade to trim the small amount of backing film away. The trouble with the "A" is that the crinkles are actually on the letter itself, so pic 2 shows how i've actually cut the crinkles out. That removes some of the "A", but i'm going to paint it up once sealed to look like paint chips.

Annoying though.

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