Sunday, 14 September 2008

Himmelspion - camouflage

So, what to do? Its a dirty great hunk of machinery, hovering over enemy lines held aloft by noisy, stinking engines belching smoke. Not much need for camo then. But (a) the large empty spaces cry out for it, and (b) haven't done any for decades.

So decided to go for it, but what scheme? In the end took my cue from the MAK Modelling book and did a version i really liked.

Went thus:

Pic 1 - The two parts are based in "Tamiya JA Grey". Drew the pattern in pencil then went over it with a mid grey.
Pic 2 - Filled the area in very blotchily with "Games Workshop Catchan Green".
Pic 3 - Splodged on "GW Gretchin Green", leaving the darker still showing.
Pic 4 and 5 - washed with dirty washes, added decals, sealed it, put on rusty washes. Oh, the top of the beaker is the underside so that's "Vallejo Sky Blue".

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slobberblood said...

Love the blog!
Great work dude!