Sunday, 21 September 2008

Armoured Crab - base coating

Been a while since i've posted on this fella and there's been quite a bit of progress.
Clean-up was pretty minimal, mainly getting rid of minor seamlines and filling a few airholes. There's a few instances of "clinker" but they just add to the feel of the piece. I've realised that building it then painting would be a bit of a bind as the 6 legs are quite close together and getting into all the recesses would be dificult enough for the base coat, let alone the washes and weathering. So decided to finish it all in sub-assemblies and fit it all together at the end.
That's made dead easy by the fact that the upper body fits onto the lower very snugly.
So, i'm going to paint, wash and weather the legs, claws and lower body by themselves.
Assemble them.
Build and paint the upper.
Then join everything together.
Here's where i am today - everything based and i've started on the washes. The legs went together very well. Used Superglue to stick the shrouds on, but Araldite for the two main leg pieces and toes as they're going to be taking the weight of the body.

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