Thursday, 4 September 2008


Lookee what came in the post today - my first MAK kit for about 22 years i reckon. Still sealed in its cellophane wrapper. Lovely.

And this is what you get inside: a bag of sprues, decal sheet, fact sheet, camo sheet and comprehensive instructions.

As i say, lovely. If you're not in the know, the Fireball is a MAK powered suit same as the others, except it's of a type that's been adapted for space warfare.

Been a real dingy, rainy day for my day off so have cracked right on.

Gone ok i guess. There's some seams to fill on the arms and the legs, it wasn't flash free, and some parts were well fiddly. Not helped by the instructions being quite confusing in places. for example, it shows you how to make the right leg but leaves you make the left, trusting to you to do everything in the opposite direction. Also, the way for attaching the heel wires is unecessarily difficult so went my own way with them.

As i type, i've got the fella in subassemblies, waiting for the glue to harden properly so i can start filling.

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