Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Why no 2000AD?

You might be wondering that. After all, it comes before the "SF" in the site title.
Well, its partly due to not much out there in the way of related kits, or things i can convert.
But mainly due to 2000AD being pretty crap at the moment. Dredd is a tedious bore, Strontium Dog more so. The only thing i'm enjoying is Stickleback. And that ends soon.
What's going on? Have the Thrillsuckers overtaken the Command Centre?
And, Emperors New Clothes or what? Apparently we're in a "Golden Age" right now. No, Fanboys - dig out you back Progs from the very early 80's - THAT'S a Golden age.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

I remember talking with mates at 6th form in 1984 and saying 2000AD was going a bit naff, looking back all these years on those issues seem like classics compared to what 2000AD has now become. I haven't bought an edition for probably 15 years besides the odd anniversary edition, I look at it in Forbidden Planet now and again but it seriously needs a major overhaul or them to call it a day and scrap it !!