Sunday, 3 February 2008

Powered Suit - getting started

As usual, the Japanese kits are a joy to put together - in a couple of places i didn't need to glue parts togther, they're that tight .The rear of the torso you see here still hasn't got the back section on. In the book the suits have a Y Rack on their back, so do i leave the last piece off and build the rack into this recess? Or put the piece on and then stick the rack on. Trouble there is that it might be sticking out far to far.

So i've had a trawl through my bits box and come up with this shape, which is a toy part i think.Buy cutting off the stem and turning it around i get the Y shape needed.In the book it says the Rack launches HE bombs.So the out of focus shot is what i'm thinking of to go on each pointy bit - they're some sort of grenade launcher from a Gundam kit.I'm thinking that they might not fit too well though. And if that's the case i'll just stick with the pointy bits and have it that they're launched through the recesses in them.Bottom pic shows the rough placement of the part. I'm doing away with the final back part as to stick it on or into it would make everything stick out far too far.I'm going to need to detail up the surrounding area with kit parts.

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