Monday, 18 February 2008

Federation Pursuit Ship

Blimey, my workbench is full now.

This is the Federation Pursuit Ship from Blakes 7, produced by Titan Find, mastered by Alfred Wong and decals by J T Graphics.I knew it wasn't studio scale and had feared it might be tiny but its a respectable size.Nice bit of casting, detail is crisp but there is some clean-up to be done. No airholes or stepping problems, just the pouring lugs at the rear of the main wings need sawing off, there's tons of that paper-like flashing and a bit of problem with a mis-cast on the main wing sides.All easily to deal with though.Part fit is excellent, with the main wings slotting into the body very tightly and staying there so well its a job to remove them.The upper and lower fins have nice locating grooves to aid in positioning.The decals look nice and comprehensive.If i've one gripe - and its a very small one - its that the instuction sheets photos are too small to tell what's what. Much better to go on the Titan Find site and print them out there.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Look forward to seeing you build this !!