Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Pursuit Ship - painting done

Here we go.

Washed a brown/red mix around the details, then went around everything with pencil.

Picked out a lot of the details in different shades of red.

Put on the decals. This went a lot easier than i thought it'd go.

The instruction would have you gloss the ship, cut each decal out, dip in water for 5 seconds ONLY, put on kit for 30 seconds, then slid off the backing paper.

Well, didn't gloss the ship - and went about the applying just as if they were regular decals and it went fine.They look FAR too bright, but next step is to do a bit of pastelling.

You'll notice one of the weapons on the wings has pinged off.Keeping it off till final assembly as i don't want it happening again.

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