Sunday, 17 February 2008

Tank - off we go

First up, need a round shape, curving upwards with a ridge all round. Looked at plastic plates in the shops but couldn't find anything. Then realised that my kids broken merry go round had an underside just the right shape and size that i needed.

Second was to start on the "legs". I knew i had to scartchbuild them. At this scale Foamboard would be far too thick so went with this grey card i got from the art shop. I drew the shape i wanted onto tracing paper, transferred it to the card, cut it out then made another 5.

Trouble was, this card doesn't hold its shape at all well. So i used the card for the sides and Plasticard for the top and underside panels. That looked pretty crap so you can see here i'm cladding the whole thing with Plasticard.

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