Monday, 2 September 2013

Snow Speeder

I'd seen Retrokit's range of kits at various shows but never bought one as (A) They never had one out of the box, (B) the boxes were pretty small, (C) the pricing in Euros only kind of put me off.
But I saw my friend Alun's built-up last and I was very impressed - its a lot bigger than I thought it'd be and the detail was really fine.
But still didn't get one.
Until I started thinking of them again when I started to fancy adding to my 1/72nd Star Wars craft collection. I'd already ordered a Slave 1 from Japan and, while its on its way, thought i'd order one as the guys pretty local to me and I knew it'd be here in a couple of days. So I did.
And a few days later, here it is:

The detail is very, er, detailed - up there with the Fine Molds Star Wars craft i'd say. But Fine Molds have the edge in that their parts are IP plastic, whereas here its resin, with all the flashing and trimming that goes along with it.
And there's tons of parts, making for an awful lot of prep work. Some of the parts I haven't a clue where they go, so i'll be leaving them off. Anyway, here's most of what I knew i'd be using:

And this it in Grey Primer. Superglue sticks instantly to this resin. Which is a good thing in one way, but a bit of a bind in another - sticking instantly means no margin of error for placing, which I found to my cost with one of the forward structures that house the engine/weapon rod, putting it further forward than the other.
Which meant one of the weapon rods is longer than the other:

I tried and tried to remove it but it just wasn't budging, as you can see here in this shot as I've started blotching Vallejo Blue Grey over the primer:

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