Monday, 16 September 2013

Fine Molds Slave 1

Getting that Snow Speeder a while back, got me itching to have another 1/72nd scale Star Wars craft.
Ideally i'd like the Falcon - but not at the prices they go for now.
A compromise then is Slave 1, a ship I've always really liked.
Opening the box, Fine Molds have done their usual excellent job of stuffing the box with sprue upon sprue. The sprue out of the box is full of parts for the first section and I've primed these for ease of access shortly:

Couldn't resist taping the hull sections together to show you what a hopper this thing is. Its huge compared to my others:

Anyway, off I go and first thing to tackle is the two-tier cockpit area. Pretty involved stuff for something that'll barely be seen once the canopies in place - maybe they were catering for anyone who wanted to light it?
I'm not so cracked on. Didn't follow the colour chart for this part, just washing the primer in black and picking out Boba and passenger seats in neat black. And some grey brushing on the solid black areas:

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