Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rebel Transport - going through the stages

What's nice about this ship is that its not the customary "Star Wars Grey" that a lot of them are - looks that way onscreen and in certain shots, but its actually more a cream affair, with banding of other colours.
So, first step was to block the hull in with a sandy colour and then randomly pick some bands out - not too many though as I didn't want it to look like a patchwork:

Next was to give it a very sloppy wash of Mars Black/Burnt Umber. I've found adding and Umber shade helps warm things up and stops this stage being too stark. So I slopped it on very runny, letting it pool down at the mid line to give hopefully a dirty, stained look to the recessed middle bit:

Apart from a bit of pastelling at the engine area, I left the weathering at that as I felt, at this scale, drybrushing wouldn't look right.
Next to address was the cutaway panels and internal detail. On the original there's a whole bunch of plating missing on the upper hull, revealing the internal structure. I could've tried to emulate that but the kit was already built, meaning i'd have to prise it apart, and the plastic of the hull would be far too thick at that scale so would have to ground down to almost paper thinness, something I didn't fancy doing. Looking at the model, they do seem to have recognised they were there and have gone a little way to duplicate them by having panel with a speckly texture here and there.
Not much, but at least its there. So I've merely picked them out in metallic:

Final thing to do was to pick out some of the storage crates slung underneath and I've kept them in quite subdued colours to stop them standing out too much:

And that's this build done. Thanks again to Mark and Alun for enabling me to have another go at this lovely kit.

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