Monday, 30 September 2013

Harrier Jump Jet - jumping around with ideas.

So, what do you do when you're given a kit but told to "follow the instructions?"
Hmmm... then i'd have a Harrier Jump Jet sitting amongst all my space craft.
"I know" thinks i, "I'll follow them partially, but go my own way mainly."
But where to diverge from the given?
As you can see, the plane breaks down into a number of sub-assemblies (much different from the Airfix kits i remember and, boy, hasn't their tooling improved?) and i thought might be the way to go - put some of the sub-assemblies together in a different way.
First attempt was to put the wings on backwards a la Thunderbird 2 - nope, the part fit didn't work at all and would've made for a ton of filling.
Next idea was turn the body and wings upside down then stick the cockpit on - nope, that looked daft.
So what i think i'm going to do is put the wings on as normal, but leave the cockpit section off completely.
That leaves the engine intake as some sort of open maw, and i'll be sticking some sort of bubble cockpit up on top of the wings.

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