Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Slave 1 - colours

The kit comes with a VERY comprehensive, large, full colour piece of paper of photos of the ship from all sides. While they're photos of the kit, comparing them to shots of the studio model shows that they're pretty darn accurate.
From the off, mainly from my friend Mark's warning, I decided to paint the craft in sub-assemblies - upper hull, lower hull and the two "wings".
Next was to decide on colours.
Colours are named on the sheet, but I struggled to find an equivilant on the bottles over here (just what shade is "Earth Green"?) so decided to just eyeball it and go my own way.
First up is the upper hull, which I coated in a very light green made up from a mix of Vallejo's "Green Sky", Ivory and a mid Grey.
I then had to put on the darker colour, which is neat "Green Sky", which I thought when applying would be just right. Nope - it looks rubbish here, far too green.
So that will need to be redone.
I also had to decide just what to do about the paint chipping.
First thought was to use Maskol but the chips are SO darn tiny and numerous and detailed, that I thought i'd have a problem.
So have decided to just eyeball that too - adding them to the edges of an area of colour with a cut down, knackered brush, stippling them on.
You can see the start of it here with the wrong-green.
Also here is the underside of the skirt section, which I've picked out in the suggested shades of grey, along with a brown for the thruster thingies.

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