Sunday, 29 September 2013

Slave 1 - advancement

Right, top half i'm not too happy with - persevered with the green/grey combo for it, hoping that it'd pull together once i put more colours on. It didn't:

I've actually gone further down the road with it since this pic, putting on other colours and weathering with pastels, hoping it would turn things around. It didn't. So i've no choice but to go back to Primer stage and start again.
More happy with the skirt affair. After ruling out the Maskol/salt method for the paint chipping as i don't have an airbrush, i went about it thus:
Did the whole skirt with that now to be replaced grey/green,
using the excellent colour guide that came with the kit, i got a small knackered brush, cut it down to just a stub, dipped it in Red, and stipppled it on, following the pattern in the pics,
then blocked in all the red areas with a normal brush,
when dry i used the cut-down brush again, this time with the grey/green and refined the stippling.
Pretty happy with how its come out. Its not 100% accurate to the patterns, but close enough and i can live with that.
Its left me though with a bit of a mess sheen-wise - the gloss of the red, the matt of the grey/green and satin of the dark grey. So next up is a coat of Matt Varnish to bring them all together:

And here's the wings or whatever the heck the are almost done:

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