Monday, 30 January 2012

Zombie Dragon - Tamiya Clear Red & Green, how i love thee

Yup, my gore effect of choice - mix them together and water the nmix down and you get a luvverly wash to put over any open wound.
In this pic here you can on the ankle that it's the basic bone and flesh affair. Far took stark and far too clean looking for me, so in i go with the afore-mentioned mix, which you can see i've put on the thigh wound here.
By mixing the ratios of Red and Green, you can get all sorts of effects, especially by varying the amount you've thinned it down by water. So, want bloody gore? Use more red. Want diseased, poxy muck? Use more green.
For most of the areas i'm doing on this beastie, i'm going with quite a strong mix as i don't want anything too light, which i'd figure would distract from the main skin areas.
Something i'll do on this ankle though, and will show you when done, is to use a watery mix, splosh it on, then dab at it with a finger, which'll remove quite a bit and leave a sort of red glaze.
As i say, it'd be too bright over all of the fella, so i'm gonna just use it the once.


The Angry Lurker said...

I love the red (zombies and blood), never used the green though....

Will Wright said...

Funny thing with Tamiya is it is actually a Lacquer based paint that also thins with isopropyl alcohol.
This makes Tamiya an excellent durable basecoat for weathering.