Monday, 23 January 2012

EFFECTive - Michael Penick

The start now of a new feature for this here Blog, where i ask creators, be they model makers, artists, writers, sculptors, anyone who uses their imaginations, what is their favourite ever single effect sequence in a film or TV show.
Could be that they saw it when young and it had a huge impact, or got them in to the career they're in, or that its the best ever piece of SPFX that they've ever seen.
Doesn't matter - if they can narrow it down to just one, i'll feature it here.
First up, Michael Penick, comic book artist and illustrator, coming up with the goods big-time recently with his excellent work on Strip Magazine's "Recovery Inc".
Glad to have you here Michael, over to you:

"I'll go with the movie sequence that shaped my life. It's a no-brainer. The opening sequence in the original Star Wars. I was 7 years old and my jaw was on the floor. Watching that Star Destroyer crawl overhead changed my world. It was the first time I actually thought "That's what I want to do for a living". It didn't pan out that way, but it still shaped my life significantly. I knew right then that I wanted to tell amazing stories. I wanted to create worlds that people could believe in. And while other things came and went, that has always remained."

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