Friday, 27 January 2012

EFFECTive - James McKay

Next up, i'm very pleased to see James here. Illustrator and comic book artist, his beautiful painted depictions of dinosaurs made him a natch for the return of "Flesh" in 2000AD and, boy, he sure didn't disapoint.
Over to James:

"My favourite ever sequence was 'Clash of the Titans' (the Harryhausen one): the scene with Medusa approaching Perseus in the underground chamber. I saw it when about 8 or 9, and nearly wet myself in terror! All of Harryhausen's films have inspired me, but Clash of the Titans is the greatest."

Alas, i can't find this terrific scene anywhere that'll enable me to embed it here, but follow the link below to thrill at the brilliance of Mr Harryhausen's swansong:

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Monty said...

Couldn't agree more! ;)