Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Devourer - unexpected advancement

So there i am, building up the bulk then sealing everything with a glue gun for more stability:

and my minds turning to the next step.
That was to have a layer of cheap air-drying clay like Das Pronto or Plastiroc and over that put on a detail layer with Magic Sculpt.
Off i go to my local art shop for the el cheapo stuff and i find that Fimo now do an air drying product too.
As i like the consistancy of their oven-bake stuff, i thought i'd give it a go.
And today tried it out on the legs.
Nice surprise to find its much better than the Das end of the range, sort of half-way between that and Magic Sculpt.
So i've decided to try it out on the whole build, and here you can see i've done the legs and started on bulking out the belly.

As that belly hangs down low over the loin cloth, i've decided to put that in now too.
All this took me by surprise, so much so that i'd not had chance to make a texture stamp for the scales yet.
But, as Leigh doesn't seem to have put any on the legs, i can live with that

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