Monday, 30 January 2012

EFFECTive - D'Israeli

A brilliant, brilliant comic book artist, who's stunning work on Judge Dredd, Stickleback, Leviathan, Lazarus Churchyard, Low Life and, especially to me, THE definitive artist to date for all things "The War Of The Worlds" what with the Dark Horse adaptation and the "Scarlet Traces" sequel to boot, gentleman, top bloke and Dalek fan to boot, i'm VERY pleased to see him on here:

"Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds occupied a huge chunk of my childhood imagination - one of my earliest memories is of using Lego and Dinky toys to recreate scenes from the show. My all-time favourite is the episode Path of Destruction, with the enormous automated logging machine the Crab Logger crashing through a small town and finally plunging over a cliff. I must have spent weeks of my childhood building various versions of The Crab Logger out of Lego - in fact I still do if there's any to hand ;-)
There are I don't know how many other things I can pick, but that's really my "first love" as far as effects go - the thing that taught me to take delight in beautifully constructed miniature worlds (and their destruction!)"