Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Blade Runner - coloured bits

Been a bit of a delay on this build as i've had to nail down an accurate colour because things need painting now before carrying on.
In the end i stumped for "Fiat Capri Blue" and these are the first bits done.
The two at the back are the front wheel covers and, when i've tidied up the white bits, they'll get clear covers over them.
The small triangular piece is a bit of a let-down as the instructions say to paint the sides white, while on the model and full-size Spinner, its actually a clear piece.
Lastly we have one of the two light bars that sit up top. What a lot of faffing that was - real fiddly to glue the seperate lamps on then, when sprayed blue and i put the red and blue lenses in it turns out you can't see the red one's at all. So i prised them all out and painted the inside of the holders white then glued them back in. That showed up the fact that the red lenses are actually pink - so i've had to give them a coat of Clear Red.

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