Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Star Wars Escape Pod

Went up to London today and found this rather old toy in Orbital.
Reason i noticed it is that C3PO comes with an Escape Pod from A New Hope.
Always loved the design and the fact that the basis of it was two paint buckets stuck together.
I'd tried making one a few years back using an Ovaltine jar, but that didn't come out too well so eventually morphed into the Nurgle Drop Pod featured here earlier.
Looking through the packing, it looked pretty accurate what with the correct engine bells and very detailed hatch, so thought i'd get it, accurise it if needed, and repaint it.
Opening it up, i'm presented with:

Even more impressed that it has the manouvering thrusters too.
First jobs: back the small rectangular viewport with some clear plastic, hacksaw off the hinge and rebuild that area.

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