Saturday, 3 September 2011

Nurgle Titan - weaponry

Something i've been putting off is making the two whacking great big guns that form the arms of the beast.
I could carry on using the templates, but reckon they'd look far too blocky and simple compared to the actual one's from the GW universe.
So, decided to make a couple using just the basic design elements as a springboard and go from there.
Here's the first built and sloppily coated in Mr Surfacer. I've used the template for the box shaped rear section but then covered it with kit bits, many of them deliberatly curved to break up all the hard lines.
The barrels are two pieces of tubing cut to size, with Plastruct ducting on top, cable ties on the sides and two interesting looking parts from a Gundam kit for the very ends of the barrels. Keen modellers will, of course, spot the Saturn V engine bell that i'm using for the joining piece between the gun and the body.

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